750 words for 70 days

750 words is a online site which encourages you to write roughly three pages a day. This site can be used as a journal or simply a way to encourage creative writing. It keeps track of your daily word count as well as the content you write about. It also keeps records how many days you write in a row and you can earn a collection of badges for it (which I’m a total sucker for).

Most amazing of all, the website lets you enter your subconscious. Here you can see a variety of statistics about your writing. It gives you an overall mindset, what concern your writing reflects as well as your time and sense orientation. It’s such a great way to look at what your writing is focused on. Basically, it is the reason the website is so worth using.

My most recent writing project is to write 750 words for the next 70 days. I’ll post daily updates on tumblr to show my progress. They will be tagged 750 words if any of you lovely followers would like to join me in my newest writing venture! 

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